Happy 98051.

  This BULLetin is tentatively named Grrrbble. (Grrr + babble.) You're getting it because you know me, or someone you know deliberately forwarded it to ya. To not get it, just tell me. It's stored on my website at http://www.grrr.net/grbble01.html .
It'll appear irregularly (surprised, huh?). If the Earth's axis changes appreciably, you'll be seeing it on a regular basis. Let's focus on small, achievable goals before tackling the loftier ones.

Naming names
If you like the name "Grrrssip" better, or "Grrrotes," or some other name... you better tell me now or the plastic flamingo's gonna get it, I'm not kidding here.

Web-paging Mr. Doe, please pick up the white courtesy telephone
Recent additions include acronyms, "anonymous" groups' online links, my resume - unannounced, of course, to preserve anonymity - and updated Sacramento information, including a Y-chromosomesque plea for input... If you live here (or used to) and are nuts about a particular Mexican restaurant, tattoo parlor, park, thrift store, etc. kindly clue me in. Unless you tell me not to, I'd be inclined to blame you (first names/handles only, and personal web site address) so if it really reeks the world of thoroughly bored web surfers won't come a'lookin' for me.

Bowling with the delinquents
Well, they're not all delinquents; it's just a great line, used with apologies to skinheads everywhere. This younger generation, I tell ya, don't know what we're gonna do with 'em. {sigh} As if the impending birthday wasn't telegraphed clearly enough, Grrr reports that almost-adults are even more baffling than ever, perpetuating their enigmatic cachet with vim and determination. No contusions or lacerations were reported, and your erratically humble Grrr crept out into the night after bowling 91 and 118. If I remember correctly. It's all pretty much a blur.

APE, and going there too
Tomorrow we go to scenic San Jose for the Alternative Press Expo. If you get near the FAL booth, look for me... I'm the one hemorrhaging great wads of operating capital. If nothing else {shudder} it should provide amusing fodder for the ol' Grrrbble tribe ("can any good thing come out of San Jose?") once Grrr regains consciousness, if such a thing is within the realm of your overtaxed imagination.

Florida fallout
Warmer, drier than "home". A good visit overall; no crises. Went to Kennedy Space Center, got a hat. Took many cabs around Nassau, thus marking the fourth nation which has served as host to the meandering Grrr.

Too much rain
Waaaaah, say the correspondents reading this in icier climes. Houses are sliding off their foundations, hills are sliding into other hills, and by the time the four remaining storm cells arrive and deliver their aqueous cargo the entire state will be a vast, shimmering lake. In which case you may get a house call from a decidedly moist Grrr, rats and cat in tow. If any bureaucrat has the (gall)stones to even think about using the word "drought" in 1998, stand clear of 'em.

Zet the Wonder Car
...is soggy. My 280ZX also caught a rock in the windshield Wednesday. That makes the fifth crack/nick in maybe two years for me, all but one of 'em on Highway 50 (between Howe and Stockton) during the morning "ko-mewt." Anybody else having this kind of track record with windshields? Is quality control a quaint thing of the past in the auto glass industry, or do I have rock-toting enemies lying in wait, or what?

A plague of rats
The eight full-figured, big-boned verminous critters in my bedroom will be enjoying more spacious quarters next week (payday cometh). One of the females, nicknamed Tart, chewed her way through a cardboard barrier (I know, I know) and into the guys' cage, and all were abnormally calm and relaxed (though not having a cigarette) when I discovered the commingling of the genders. The thirty-day gestation period is up Saturday - when aforesaid Grrr will be three hours away and will have to perform his Lamaze coaching duties by analog cellular. A litter can have up to 21 babies... so this pet-store-cum-adoption-service is due for a windfall, an embarassment of rodent riches.

Ad nauseam
Probably I should find news to report about church (nothing wildly new) and work (double ditto, to put it charitably and succinctly), and my love life (division by zero), and my computer-which-is-trying-to-kill-me (ignorance is bliss)... and my recovery cha-cha (just finished as a meeting secretary, the most vital and noble of all service positions, and will probably forget how to say "No!" when the election for a new treasurer is held next week). (Sponsees keep me intrigued. And grateful.) But if ya move overdo it ya just scare 'em away. Onward into the fog.

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