This webpage for prospective employers was "updated" on 14-Nov-2012.
In 2013 and 2014 I did some rough website and database setup, but the most promising project merged with another one before it was rolled out.
In 2015, I was a laborer for a small company that built residential houses.
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right, I added a valid e-mail address.



  William (Chris) Grill











[From February 2010 to the present, and from November 2005 to December 2006, my primary focus has often been taking care of my parents.
I've also been helping my siblings with various aspects of their businesses on a casual/contract basis. I will be glad to elaborate on the work I've done during these periods.]

Backwoods Casual
Comstock Park, MI
(Telecommuting role)

Technical / practical support
2008 - present

Initial web design, forms and marketing materials, online sales and promotion, database creation, product delivery and manufacturing.

DoctorsPartner LLC
West Melbourne, FL

Classification: Technical Specialist
2008 - 2010

Server configuration and administration, customer phone support and training, vendor liaison, incident tracking and analysis, software and peripheral testing, web-based user manual creation, user and support documentation.

FAL Studios
Sacramento, CA
(Telecommuting role, in later years)

Title: Partner
1995 - 2008

Web site support and implementation; television show and live events (producer, writer, editor, performer, musician); websites (director, editor); periodicals (editor, photographer, graphic design).

Harbor Federal Savings Bank (now PNC Bank Corp.)
Fort Pierce, FL

Classification: Software Support Technician II
2006 - 2007

Administration of retail banking, data warehouse, office productivity and integrated fax applications; coordination of network objects and peripheral devices; distributed server support.

Department of the Highway Patrol, State of California
Sacramento, CA

Last Job Title (Classification): Webmaster (Staff Information Systems Analyst)
1994 - 2004

Internet and intranet administration, development and user support; administration of servers and web-based applications; host operations support.


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