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All of these... gems originally appeared in 62 magazine, which I edited.

If you haven't attended way too many 12-step meetings yourself, lots of these references will be way "inside." Just shoot me a note and I'll enlighten you... or try to.

(These phone numbers and addresses weren't "live" way back in the presidency of Bush the Senior. If they're in use now, kindly don't irritate the natives. Ditto with company names, though I'd still like to launch Tantrum Press someday).

Quantity first!

The videotape set every meeting needs!

Packed with proven marketing techniques and inspiring stories, it will double the attendance at your meeting
in eight short weeks - guaranteed!

Think of it as
"enhanced attraction"!

They'll be like putty in your hands!

Order now - (800) CAPTURE
p a y m e n t   p l a n s   a v a i l a b l e

An evening

Friday, September 31st - 7 p.m.

Cow Palace

last appearance this lunar cycle

You'll identify!
You'll relate!
You'll weep with relief!

Special Sharing and Cheese Session Afterwards

Hear her new dance hit
"Treat Me Like an Inner Child"

Aloof seats

The ultimate guide to famous members' homes!

Don't settle for less...
over 100 recovering celebrities pinpointed

+ easy to read +
+ up-to-date +

group tours, school and press discounts available

call 762-6262

Never before available... The zany beginnings of

The fond memoirs of "The Peevish Years" in Disg.A.

All the anecdotes your sponsor's bored you with? They're in here!

and more!

With grainy photos of
the Disg.A. shrine at the Fargo Post Office
and Mad Toby's finger brace!

Only $18.62
from Tantrum Press
badger your favorite bookstore

Love those treats...
but hate the calories?

Try rationalizing these!

Fat-free fritters
Tiny cookies (One more won't hurt)
Imperfect fried cakes
Back pocket pies!
Oat bran truffles

Half Measures Bakery
"Good for you - and for us, too"

Encanto · Elverta · Ojai · Calexico · Ione

Now that you're in touch with your feelings,
show them off to the world!

daily wear
contact lenses

Five passionate spectrums available
Bipolar Blue
Hurt-Me Hazel
Metameth Amber
Nod Brown
Ceau de Green

- - - who you see here - - -
vision care
for the recovering you

Arcade Carnival Mall

you can rent
from the U.S. Government?

Test your friends and loved ones with confidence

~ confidentiality assured ~


Don't believe everything you read, bunky.

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