These .gif files are scanned from the February 1991 edition of the Inside Connection, the newsletter of the American River Area in the Northern California Region.

I was the editor at that time, and I taped an interview with Dave M. one January evening in the living room of my sponsor (who was ASC chair during the exciting prior months).

Presented without commentary, here are poor quality scans of the edited interview as it appeared in print. E-mail me and I'll get motivated to finally transcribe these images into text...


'Grateful Dave' interview:   Part 1 (23k image)       Part 2 (25k)       Part 3 (29k)       Part 4 (21k)

Excerpts from the closing remarks of the judge presiding over the case, 1/3/1991:

Part 1 (32k)       Part 2 (30k) and Cinema Insomnia - entropic satireExcerpt (last three paragraphs) of the statement signed by Dave M., the WSO interim executive director/Board chair, and the WSO Administrator for Fellowship Services, 1/15/1991:

"Our Commitment to Unity" (37k)


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