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I'm not gonna exclude links to brilliant weasels because every word on their site isn't suitable for an seven-year-old kid. You use the 'net, you take your chances. That's the way it is. Consider yourself warned. "Take what you can use, and leave the rest." Live and let live. Etc., etc.
Domain names (such as can change hands overnight, so what used to be tasteful can suddenly become offensive - but best I can tell there are no links to sleaze here.

Got it? Okay.

Beloved links that are "deceased"

Gone, but not forgotten

( Biker slang
( Personal site of a tough geek
( Nemeton - the official website of The Shamen
( Recovery Online was amazing.
( courses
( Viking daily life
( Download the AA Big Book
( Cruzados - a band I miss
( World Wide Glide
( The Road Out Of Town
( U.S. Freedom of Information Act info
( the Light Bulb Joke page
( AngelLady's Web Wanders - reciprocal link
( Brain of the Internet - a really hard pattern-sequence competition
( old Cougars, as in Merc...
( Fear of a New South
( C.S. Lewis
( Oscar Wilde
( Glowy
( Kip can write. Oh yeah.
( Bayou scribbling
(,133) Xerox PARC map server
( old Cougars - the best cages ever made
( Bikers' Journal
( Ravi - motorcycle links and info
( Mozilla Preservation Society
( CoMxerO, the legendary Robmiester
( Cut-N-Paste Javascript - a big help

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