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If I left out some essential link (such as yours), go ahead and nudge me.

I really like this one. Jump number 77. From video by Reno Ross.

U.S. Parachute Association is the org

Skydiving Magazine is good reading

Parachute Center in Lodi is home DZ

Skydive Sebastian, where I got hooked

GravityZone Las Vegas

Jumptown (Orange, MA)

Skydive City, Z-Hills (FL) - and their online AFF Manuals & Guides (wow)

Grrr over Lodi, 1999. From video by Jan Devil.World FreeFall Convention

rec.skydiving newsgroup

    ...and here's the newsgroup archive. (Life's too short to digest all this...)

Freedom is not a body position - major thanks, Skratch

KDFC   (Grrr = #246)

Feel the Wind - oh boy! Jumping for the fun of it ?!

rec.skydivers' home pages (thanx, David)
    Check out his logbook entries and photos too

Exiting a Twin Otter, 2000. From video by Reno Ross.First Jump stories (thanx, John)

muff muff muff #2771

skyXtreme - most excellent reading

Sport Parachutist's Safety Journal

Skydive World - tons of resources

Bev Suits

Extreme Quotes


Jump number 17. From video by Tahoe Mike.Anvil's Site

PierMedia ("Pack Like A Pro" / "Breakaway!" videos, much more)

skytoys - many links

Blu Sky Xtreme Wear

MT Grafix

Chocolate cream, for jump number 100, November 1999. Charlene did the honors.Tim Lain's Skydive Page

Beer rules

Aerial Focus

Cloud Dancer

Wings of Man (relative work)

Dick McMahon (rookie trials and tribulations, and some thoughts on "risk homeostasis")

Parachute Industry Association

Another safe landing under my old PD210. Photo by Adam the BASE czar.Skydive Safari

Skydive Orange (VA - tandems - "serving" DC and MD)


Intellicast wind forecast

Satellite photos

The images on this page are from videos shot by the unforgettable Jan Davis and others. Thank you.


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