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There are several hundred websites devoted to Y2K. My goal is to point you toward the variety of forecasts out here on the web, so you can continue studying up and eventually draw your own conclusions.
This page is not all-inclusive. I want to provide links that are good summaries and "lists of links". I also intend to list every site from Y2K "optimists" that I can find.
It represents my personal views only, not those of any organization. There are links to all kinds of viewpoints below. If you want only "sanctified" links, click here.


"Is it rational to prepare?", by Larry Sanger

I think this rebuttal to an optimist's article is a great summary of the state of things...

Here's some personal preparedness links - topics such as non-hybrid seeds, alternative energy technologies, communications...

My take on all this


Bulletin & Message Boards

Ed Yourdon's preparation message boards
"TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Q&A forum" - an enormous resource - many different topics
CNN message board
Read discussions on various topics, and post your own thoughts
from Y2k News Magazine:
general message board
"religious" message board
"other survival issues" message board


USENET   (If you'd like help accessing newsgroups, e-mail me)
The primary Y2K newsgroup
High level of technospeak, but a long-time source of news about privacy, hardware problems, design errors and (now, occasionally) Y2K.
Topics are summarized as a digest at this website

"Bellwethers" / News Reports / Analysis / Planning

Gary North
Over 3,000 citations and excerpts that are well worth looking over
      His "If the power grid goes down, what is the case for optimism?" is a must-see
Sanger's Review of Y2K News Reports
He attempts objective, balanced reporting of daily developments
Y2K Problem Sightings
There's more sociologically-oriented reports and stories here, sometimes
Overview, advice and forecasting from sixteen well-known and respected people who raised public awareness of these issues, including...
      ... Sen. Robert Bennett, who produced this overview (dated 12/8/1998)
        ... and, more recently, this
Y2K Weatherman
A weekly bulletin from a seasoned programmer that will spur you to action
      ...and here's a unusually optimistic post, for him
Y2K News Magazine
Great links to news and message boards
"Crystal ball" article from a long-time Y2k strategist/programmer
Y2K Risk Calculator
Very interesting...
Cassandra Project
Grass-roots personal preparation and small community organizing ideas
Jim Lord's site - contingency planning for families


Y2K Chaos
Spiritual concerns, events to look out for, and a lot of survivalist links
list of Y2K sites
Gary North and many others linked here are outspoken about their faith, too...

Social reactions and effects

The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation? , by John L. Peterson
From The Futurist, October 1998
"Life Beyond 2000: The Need for Social Preparation", by Douglass Carmichael
A social theorist considers past and present trends that are relevant to Y2K concerns

Embedded Systems

a brief explanation of the Embedded Systems
Embedded control systems
A 12/8/1997 EETimes article that explains what all the fuss is about
A detailed overview about embedded chips
Embedded Logic and Controls
A summary from Rick Cowles, a vocal watchdog of electric utilities' Y2K efforts
Identifying embedded systems with potential time-related problems
From the UK Institution of Electrical Engineers

Personal Computers

"Will there ever be a fully Year 2000 Compliant system for PC's?"
A thorough paper from Rob Harmer
Problem causes and potential solutions (PCs)
From the UK Institution of Electrical Engineers

Vendors - a sample of corporate statements
Packard Bell

"Grab Bag"

"The Big Lie"
from Computerworld magazine, 12/14/1998 (addressing the PR spin that gives false reassurance)
power plant vulnerability
from the Texas Public Utilities Commission - embedded chips and other big concerns
from the State of California's Department of Information Technology
Unofficial FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
From Peter de Jager, a "big name" in Y2K circles

Year 2000 News
from Computerworld Magazine

Web Ring of Y2K sites
Mr. Y2K
"non-commercial site dedicated to inform and amuse, as well as to dispel the nonsense of both doomsayers and blind idiots." - but I found pre- and post-Y2K suggestions here that aren't all that optimistic...

Y2K Optimists

Y2K Madness
A site created by a Christian
Millenium Hysteria
"learn how the Y2K bug will be the biggest money-making hoax in this lifetime"
An Inquiry Into The Veracity of "Millennium Bug" Doomsday Predictions
From the John Birch Society
8 Myths About the Millenium Bug
by Matt Rosoff, dated September 10, 1997
Criticism of Gary North's views
On Doom and Gloom
"A balanced viewpoint..."
"For those who refuse to succumb to the paranoia of Year 2000..."
(not yet reviewed)
(not yet reviewed)

WWW Search Engines

Yahoo! News
Yahoo! Websites

More not-yet-reviewed web pages

More links that have to do mostly with PCs
...and you'll find more pages of links to other Y2k sites

Upon request I'll send you some book titles, or links that cover PC issues and strategies in excruciating detail.


W h a t   I   t h i n k

As you may have already guessed, Grrr's always been a sucker for end-of-the-world science fiction. Ergo (!?), I'm a postmillenialist. I have that predisposition. It's never revealed itself in any survivalist purchases or training. I would much rather see things continue getting better and better (global standard of living, technology, you name it). Almost all of my working life has been spent in front of computer monitors, and that's not something I'd be inclined to change.

Examining and trying to alleviate Y2K problems is one of the things for which I get paid. (It's a fairly big state agency - not a consulting firm, or a stored-food seller, or a publisher - just so it's clear I don't profit in any way from either exaggerating or minimizing Y2K. My paycheck stays the same, either way.) And after several months of tracking news and reports, I will eat a laser-printed copy of my website if 1999 is not a year full of... excitement.

Loose cannons among us - those fellow humans not so tightly wrapped - have a unique milestone approaching. It simply strikes a different chord in us than, say, "1997". Sadly, I do not expect the Heaven's Gate mass suicide to be the last of its kind. If "random" terrorist acts are not on the increase, I'll be amazed. Heretical expectations and activities of "Christianistic" groups will run rampant.

We're entering a year that will bring the peak of a sunspot cycle and unusually heavy meteor showers. The global positioning satellite date rollover in August will play havoc with older earthside receivers.

All this, and Y2K too.


Please consider, with prayer if you're so inclined. Then, act. When you shop, buy extras. Store things you use anyway. Even if Y2K turns out to be nothing more than a "speed bump", this is still a just-in-time society that subtly encourages us to live hand to mouth. I cannot imagine a scenario in which I would regret having a few extra flashlight batteries, a couple bottles of aspirin, a few pounds of salt, an extra hundred bucks on hand... or another box of bullets.

"Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." This is not faithlessness. It is not presumption. I've been trying to reorder my priorities for a year or two, and this is a helpful nudge - especially in earthquake country...

How much does it really cost to have some bottled water in a closet or a corner of the garage? A big bag of rice? An extra bottle of prescription meds? A few more jars of your favorite peanut butter?

Compare that to how much these things would mean if your neighborhood mega-supermarket was closed for a few days, or a week. Or longer.

Start now. Do it.


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